Olio esausto e gestione contenitori

Perché non vendiamo solo prodotti di alta qualità, ma ci sforziamo anche di avere il minor impatto possibile sull'ambiente.

Impegnati nel riciclaggio dell'olio e dei suoi contenitori

Perché non vendiamo solo prodotti di alta qualità, ma ci sforziamo anche di avere il minor impatto possibile sull’ambiente.

Gestione olio esausto e contenitori Repsol
Gestione olio esausto e contenitori - Sigaus

SIGAUS e il trattamento dell'olio esausto

Since its creation in January 2007, the SIGAUS integrated management system for waste oils collects and subsequently treats used oil in Spain from both industrial sources and the millions of vehicles on our roads. After use, these oils become pollutant waste and must therefore be specifically managed. As proof of our commitment to this objective, Repsol has assumed the chairmanship of SIGAUS (integrated management system for waste oils).

SIGAUS was created upon publication of Royal Decree 679/2006. In accordance with this new legislation, the “Producer Responsibility Principle” began to be applied, which had already been introduced by Law 10/1998 on Waste. This principle stipulates that “producers, importers, or any other party responsible for placing products that, through their use, are converted into waste on the market may be obliged to take direct charge of the management of the waste generated by their products.”

In the case of used oil, this means that industrial oil manufacturers must guarantee and finance the management of an amount of used oils proportional to the amount of new oil placed on the market. Therefore, lubricant manufacturers are responsible for correctly managing their used oils in financial terms, replacing the public funding assigned for such purpose since 1992.

SIGAUS is funded by manufacturers that are members of this entity through a fee that is calculated depending on the amount of oil they place on the Spanish market: €0.06 per kilogram of oil placed on the market, which the manufacturer passes on to the final consumer.

Ecoembes - Gestione olio esausto e contenitori

Ecoembe e riciclaggio dei contenitori

Repsol is a member of the Ecoembes integrated management system (SIG), which collects and sorts packaging waste, to subsequently treat, recycle, and give it a new life. This has considerable environmental benefits regarding savings on raw materials, energy, and water, as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

It is a known fact that this system must coordinate different entities in order to be effective. They must work together and participate in an integrated management system (SIG) to manage packaging and packaging waste. Thanks to this, it is possible to close the cycle and coordinate the entire process from the design and manufacture of packaging, the packaging process, and product distribution and marketing, to the collection of container waste and its transformation into new raw materials, all thanks to recycling.

At Repsol we take all of this into account when designing containers that have a lesser environmental impact, reducing the amount of waste they generate and facilitating their subsequent recycling, packaging, and sale.